How To Order

Since the PJ FAIRLEY BAND is kind of a start-up company, please understand that we can't afford hi-tech sales automation. In regard to customer safety and credit card data protection we prefer payments via PAYPAL.

The PAYPAL process is safe and simple: Price for every single CD is 15.00 EUR. Add another 1.80 EUR for handling and shipping and tap the LINK TO PAYPAL button shown below.

Next, tap the SEND button, log-in at your Paypal account and enter the total amount you just calculated. Then follow the instructions on the Paypal screen.

We will use your address as stored in your Paypal account for printing the shipping label and will forward it by DHL next working day.

In case you don't have access to PAYPAL please contact to arrange the money transfer. 

To our Fans from Abroad

Please note that this CD is actually being sold in Germany only. For international shipping fees and conditions please contact us at - thanks.