The Band

The PJ FAIRLEY BAND is a formation of five professional musicians that approach the art from teaching, performing, live and studio venues, and various band formations in both Germany and the U.S.A.    

They have now come together to create a band that is second to none. The band performs a variety of musical styles from Blues, Blues/Rock, Funk/Soul, and Rock covers. Don't be fooled, they also have some original material up their sleeves. They bring an unmatched passion to the performance that not only sounds great, but the energy is very contagious.    

Once you See, Hear, and Feel the energy from the band, you’ll be convinced “I have to see this band again". They invite you to come to the show, and be prepared to rock, groove and move.

> PJ Fairley (VOC)

PJ Fairley

Lead Vocals & Percussion

PJ Fairley, the man on lead vocals and percussion, has more than 50 years of stage and studio experience.  PJ has performed all sorts of music.  From the humble beginnings in church where many Black American artists get their start, then as a young teenager performing with his father, and later one of his four uncles, PJ learned the ins and outs of the music business.


As a young man he performed as drummer for the late Mary Wells of Motown fame, also with the soul duo Sam and Dave.  Upon enlisting in the U.S. Navy, PJ worked with many musicians that have also gone on to be top artists. After leaving the military, he was drummer for various artists, including the late Eddie Kendricks (ex-Temptations), and was a founding member of Horizon, a touring band whose resume included opening for the band Toto in the mid '70s.


In Germany since 1980, PJ was the long time drummer and backing/lead vocalist for the band Forest, as well as the original drummer and later vocalist for the group "The Jackson Singers".  For the past 16 years PJ was a member of the band Hardride, first as drummer and later as front singer.  PJ is also currently drummer and vocalist for the Rock and Roll band the HighKnees.


In this new formation, his front vocals and performance will take you by the heart, and mind, and not let go until you know that this is the real deal!


PJ's favorite quote is "Get the house from the first note...and don't let go until the last note”.  He will give you every cent's worth of what you put in to see this show.  Come and enjoy! 

> Roger Davidson (BS+BV)


Bass & Backing Vocals

Holding down the bottom end and playing that funky music right is Roger Davidson. Born in Frankfurt when the Beatles were playing in Hamburg for the first time, he’s been playing the bass (almost) ever since.


The bass was his first instrument, and even though he “graduated” to guitar, he finds himself returning to the bass again and again because... well, somebody’s got to play the dang thing! Roger finds inspiration in the bass playing of Paul McCartney, John Entwistle, James Jamerson, Donald “Duck” Dunne, Carol Kaye, and the dude that played the Barney Miller theme.  He admires Bootsy Collins and Louis Johnson, as well.


He hasn’t shared a stage with anyone of note, but he has recently been seen in the company of PJ Fairley and his Band Of Merrymen. And now, in keeping with Roger’s motto: less talkin’, more funkin’! 

> Jay jackson (DR+BV)

Jay Jackson

Drums & Backing Voals

Born in Fayetteville, NC, Jay started played on cardboard boxes at the tender age of 5 until he eventually got a drum set from Montgomery Ward.  Over the years, he’s played in nearly every imaginable constellation, from electronic duos to full orchestra work.  He’s been fortunate to share the stage with the following acts:


  • The Weather Girls
  • Dr. Lonnie Smith
  • Sascha
  • Roberto Blanco
  • BB King
  • Ibrahim Shakoor (Don Cherry,Gil Scott Herron, Dizzy Gillespie)
  • Junior Marvin (Bob Marley)


He performed at various festivals and did numerous studio recordings and productions.  He is currently taking part in some remix projects as a drummer as well as producer. 

> Paul Hilger (GT+BV)


Guitar & Backing Vocals

Born in 1992, Paul developed a deep attachment to everything music from the earliest age. During his studies he also started a career as a musician in many different groups, in all sorts of styles. But nothing could top his love for passionate blues-rock.  He played gigs as support act with famous musicians and groups such as Henrik Freischlader and Tito & Tarantula, and has built up a reputation as a tasteful yet powerful and diverse guitarist.  Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eddie Van Halen, Rory Gallagher and Zakk Wylde are his most influential idols.


When he's not on the road with the PJ FAIRLEY BAND, he performs with the African roots reggae band „Rising Fire“ and is involved in other projects as a session or backup musician.


Favourite quote: „Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid.“ – Frank Zappa

> Chris Hinz (KB)



Chris had six years of traditional piano lessons and three more years at the church organ.  He has been around in the Rhein Main music scene for a long time, and is a laureate of the Hessen Rock Festival hosted by radio station hr3 in Frankfurt.


Family activities and an extended stay in Brazil brought the keys to rest for a long time, but since 2011 he is back on stage with various cover and smooth jazz bands.  Beside touring with the Fleetwood Mac tribute band "The Chain”, he tickles the ivories at the PJ FAIRLEY BAND.