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The audio samples listed above are just to give you some first impression about the style and range of songs being performed by the PJ FAIRLEY BAND. Due to licensing restrictions, selling and downloading of individual audio files is not supported. But if you like those tunes, check out the band's first album available on CD.


We have recorded a complete concert and assembled the single tracks to make up a playlist. Check out the band's YOUTUBE channel to either enjoy the entire show with a total of 27 songs or listen to single covers performed by the PJ FAIRLEY BAND.

Press Info

Tap HERE to download the band's one page press info in English and German language for being used for publishing and announcements.

Technical Rider

You prefer to run the F.O.H. Mix ?

In case you prefer to run the Front Of House (FOH) mix via your club's console - or you booked the band to perform on a festival along with other artists - don't worry: The PJ FAIRLEY BAND brings along analog splitters and wires to connect with your stage box. 

This configuration ensures, that the FOH mix is completely indepent from the monitor signals required by the band to run their In Ear Monitoring (IEM) system.

The only prerequisite is that the band's IEM rack can be placed next to your stagebox to allow proper transfer of the audio signals (refer to map in Technical Rider No.2).